Tools Wear - Special Edition

Tools Wear

Marija Mandic about Art & Fashion:

"Everyone is an artist in a very unique way. The way we live, breathe, talk, how we feel, walk and express ourselves physically and mentally is a form of art. Outer uniqueness comes from inside. There are no definitions about the "one thing" and how it works, because it is individual expression. There are 'tools’ such as fashion or art, which allow us to perfectly embody our invisible worlds, our dreams and the beautiful own rituals of how to wear them."

Michael Ellinger, fashion designer, creates non-conformists pieces defined by high quality handcraft. His designs are innovative, functional and timeless, produced from the most unusual materials. Vintage military tents, blankets, parachutes with history and other durable materials which are being transformed into timeless unique pieces. Michael Ellinger's priorities are handmade unique design and resource-friendly manufacture. He lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Presentations (among other numerous fashion shows & presentations) :

  • Tokyo Fashion Week

  • White Fair Milano

  • Showroom Paris

  • Vienna Fashion Week

Fashion Art Exhibitions and Performances :

London - Austrian Fashion Remix in the Austrian Cultural Forum
Shanghai - Austrian Fashion Art Exhibition „ReFashioning“ at the Liu Haiku Art Museum
Vienna  - Take Festival for Independent Fashion and Arts