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His professional life as a photographer began 1990 after he graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Starting out from analogue photography, and experimenting with the possibilities of image manipulations while printing in the darkroom, he soon embraced the possibilities of the digital world of photography. He never focused on finding a particular style, since he believes that those kind of development leads to repetition, routine and ultimately to boredom. In the course of his career he spent several years living in Los Angeles, New York and Berlin, working as a freelance photographer in the fields of celebrity portrait, fashion, travel and fine art photography. Most of the images have been published as editorials or advertising campaigns,  among other numerous Magazines : GQ, Playboy, Rolling Stone, La Times, Spin, Advocat, Woman, Seventeen.

Markus Morianz  is currently based in Vienna, Austria.


Her professional work as a photographer began 2002 during the time of studying photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade.

Jelena Jovanov is internationally acclaimed photographer commisioned to work for clinets such as: Mercedes Benz, Audi, Swarovsky, Elite and Hugo Boss. In her decades long professional career, Jelena was head photographer and/or photo editor in following magazines: Playboy, Elle, Gloria, Fame, Story, Cosmopolitan. Collaborator and contractor with numerous fashion agencies, and occasional lecturer on photography and supreme photography nude techniques. Her position as a woman photographer in Playboy magazine is legendary, as she is the first woman who regularly shoot covers for this prestigious magazine. Her style "does it",  as her brilliant career reaches from lifestyle magazines and fashion, diplomacy hi-style to the finesse of modern vision of human body and soul.